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Is Slate a Good Choice for a Patio?

If you are looking to install a new patio, you may be tempted by the distinctive and attractive aesthetic of slate. But is slate a good choice for a patio?

Why slate is a good choice for a patio

1. It is strong and durable

Slate is a very strong material, making it a good choice if your patio or floor needs to support a lot of weight, such as if you have a furniture set, heavy plant pots or other ornaments. Slate’s strength also adds to its durability, making it a good choice if your patio is in a high-traffic area. Slate will last for a long time and weather shouldn’t adversely affect a slate patio.

2. It looks attractive

Slate is a beautiful material, with an appearance that can’t be replicated in other natural stones or by synthetic alternatives. Slate also develops an even richer appearance when it is wet, making it a great choice for a patio.

3. The colour doesn't fade

The colour of slate won’t fade, which can be a problem with other materials, particularly when they are used outside or in areas that get a lot of sun exposure. Slate should keep its colour for as long as you keep your patio.

4. It is stain resistant

Slate is also stain resistant, making it a good choice for a patio where you might have an outdoor dining set, but also for a kitchen, worktop or tabletop. Any liquids that spill onto slate can simply be wiped off without leaving a stain.

5. It is water resistant

Slate is non-porous, making it very water-resistant - an important quality for a patio in the rainy UK! The natural cleft of slate also makes it more slip-resistant than other stones, even in wet weather.

6. It is eco friendly

Because slate is a natural material, it is also very eco-friendly, much more so than synthetic or man-made materials that have a larger carbon footprint.

What other areas of the house can slate be used for?

While slate is a good choice for a patio, it can also work in other areas of the house, for the reasons outlined above.

The kitchen

Properly sealed slate flooring can be a great choice for a kitchen due to its stain resistance and ability to endure heavy traffic and stress. The distinctive look is also quite versatile, looking just at home in a rustic or modern kitchen.

The bathroom

Slate has high water resistance, which means it can also be used as flooring in rooms that have high moisture content, such as bathrooms. The natural cleft of the stone gives it a better grip than some other stone products. It can even be used to tile a shower for a dramatic look.


As well as the patio, slate chippings are a great choice for a range of landscaping projects, such as creating borders, paths and driveways. They can even help to suppress weeds when used in flowerbeds.


Slate is a good choice for counters and tabletops because of its natural stain resistance and non-porousness, which makes it very easy to clean.

We think slate is a really good choice for a patio because it has so many characteristics that make it perfectly suited for outdoor applications, such as strength, durability and water resistance, not to mention the beautiful aesthetic.

If you are looking to buy slate paving for your patio, then please get in touch and see how we can help or visit our Crediton yard to browse our stock.


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