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Does a Nice Garden Add Value to a House?

If your home has a garden or outdoor space that could be turfed, then you may be wondering if it is worth the investment and if a nice garden adds value to a house. We look at the potential increase in property value of improving a garden, as well as what garden features potential buyers are most interested in.

Does a nice garden add value to a house?

According to some sources, in cities (where private gardens are scarcer), a garden can add more than £45,000 to the value of a home. However, most people don’t have the choice to add a garden to their property if it doesn’t already have one.

The good news is that having a nice, well-maintained garden could add as much as 20% to the value of your house, particularly if it is a real grass garden rather than a gravelled or paved garden.

Aspects of the garden that buyers will be looking for

If you are looking to improve your home’s value with garden improvements, there are a few areas that you could prioritise to get the most out of your investment, while also improving your enjoyment of the outdoor space. The following are the key areas that potential buyers will be looking for in a property’s garden:

1. Size

In most situations, larger gardens are more desirable. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about the size of your garden as it will usually stretch to the edges of your property line, but if you have cut into your garden area at all with constructs that you no longer need or are not beneficial (such as old greenhouses, swing sets, or delipidated sheds), removing them can make the garden seem much bigger.

2. Privacy

Potential buyers won’t want to be disturbed or easily overlooked in the garden, so if you can make any improvements to the privacy, then it will be a good investment. A fence around the border to head height will be preferable for most, although you will need to discuss this with your neighbours if that will be taller than the current border. You could also consider installing a gate for security if the garden is accessible from the front of the property.

3. Well-maintained

One of the easiest things you can do to make your garden more desirable to potential buyers (and to yourself) is to keep it tidy and well-maintained. Cut the grass regularly, trim back any hedges so they are neat, get rid of any weeds and give the patio or decking a hose down whenever it needs it.

4. Garden storage

Even the smallest grass-covered gardens need a lawnmower or strim

mer, and any other garden tools and treatment chemicals need to be stored somewhere too. Having some form of garden storage is very desirable because it means you don’t have to store those items in the house. Depending on the size of your garden and what you need to store, a crate or cubby might suffice, but if you have the room, we recommend you get a sturdy shed.

5. A nice seating area such as a patio or decking

A garden only has so much appeal if there isn’t a designated space to sit out in it. A nice seating area, such as decking or a natural stone patio, can hugely improve the look of your garden. It also gives you a dedicated place for some outdoor furniture without damaging the lawn. Even if the garden is small, a handsome patio with just enough room for a small table and two chairs will be worth the investment.

Why should you invest in garden improvements?

While having a good-sized, well-maintained garden can add to your property value, increasing resale value isn’t the only reason you should invest in outdoor improvements.

Even if you don’t want to sell the house anytime soon, a nice garden will improve your enjoyment of the property, especially in the warm months. On a nice day, it’s great to have an outdoor space to relax in, but you will be reluctant to spend any time in a garden that is cluttered or has been taken over by weeds

While there are a lot of other factors at play, the good news is that, in general, a nice garden can add value to a house. If you are looking to make improvements purely for resale value, make sure you are spending money on the areas that potential buyers find the most desirable.

If you want to discuss your garden improvements, please contact us. If you want to browse our range of landscaping products, please come and visit our Crediton yard.


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