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The Best Materials for a Sloping Path

A path can be a great feature in a sloping garden to show off the unique topography and create a functional walkway that also provides distinction between the different tiers. However, a slope can bring challenges that mean not all materials that you might use for a flat path will be appropriate. Here are the best materials you can choose for a sloping path.

Concrete paving

Concrete paving is a great choice for a sloping path, especially if you don’t have the budget for natural stone. While concrete may have once had limited options in line with its price point, these paving stones are now available in a huge range of colours and styles.

On top of this, concrete paving is far more durable than poured concrete, meaning it will last for many years. The textured surface of the paving stones makes them slip-resistant, something that is even more important on a slope. Concrete paving is also easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

Granite paving

Granite paving is one of the best materials for a sloping path. Granite is naturally slip-resistant, which makes it one of the safer materials for a patio or path, particularly a sloping one.

Granite is very durable and resilient, meaning it is well suited to the rigours of being used regularly as a walkway. Though there are a few colour varieties of granite, the classic grey is the most popular for good reason - it is both beautiful and versatile, and able to fit easily into any garden aesthetic.

Brick paving

Bricks aren’t just for building walls - in fact, they can be one of the best materials to use for a sloping path, especially a steeper one where you want to create steps. Like the previous two entries in the list, brick paving is also slip-resistant due to its abrasive surface.

Brick paving is also resistant to extreme weather and can withstand heavy loads, making it a great choice for a high-traffic area such as a path. Additionally, brick pavers are recyclable, making them one of the more eco-friendly material options for your sloping path.

Natural crazy paving

Crazy paving is a budget-friendly material choice for those who want natural stone, and the huge choice of colours and shapes provides a wonderfully unique aesthetic when used for a sloping garden path.

Natural stone is very durable and weather-resistant, and the textured surface makes it very slip-resistant too. The low maintenance and versatility of crazy paving make it one of the best materials you can choose for a sloping path.

Cobbles and pebbles

Cobbles and pebbles are one of the best materials to use for a sloping path if you want a more rustic and classic aesthetic. Because cobbles and pebbles are formed naturally over many years, they are incredibly durable and it would take a great deal to crack or dent them. Cobbles and pebbles are also affordable and relatively easy to install, making them the perfect choice if you are on a budget.

Slate chipping

Slate chippings are one of the most versatile materials available for garden use. When it comes to a garden path, they can either be the sole material or they can be used as borders or edging alongside larger stepping stones.

Even in chipping form, slate is a very durable material that isn’t easily affected by adverse weather and even takes on an appealing darker shade when wet. Slate is also a good choice for your sloping path if you have a problem with weeds; when coupled with a weed membrane, slate can be very effective at reducing weed germination.

Pea gravel

Like slate, pea gravel can be used either as the main material in a path or as a border for larger stepping stones and creates a satisfying crunching noise when walked on. Pea gravel is available in abundance, and in a huge range of colours, so you’re sure to find one that suits your garden aesthetic.

Pea gravel also allows plenty of drainage, meaning it is unlikely to become a slip hazard. One thing to note is that pea gravel does tend to travel due to its small size, so it is a good idea to use a border with a sloping path made from pea gravel.

As you can see, there are quite a few options available to you when it comes to choosing the best material for a sloping path. Just remember the key characteristics you need for a walkway material – durability and slip-resistance. If you are looking to buy materials for your sloping path, then please get in touch.


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