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Our Favourite Garden Ideas for Spring

Now that Spring has come around, it’s the perfect time to think about sprucing up your garden! Here are a few of our favourite Spring garden ideas.

1. Invest in a new patio

If you want to make a change to your garden that will have a big impact, then it could be time to invest in a new patio. A new patio can transform your garden space and there’s a huge range of materials to choose from. We love natural stones such as granite, slate, limestone, or sandstone. These materials are all extremely durable, weather-resistant, and look fantastic.

2. Add a garden path

Our next spring garden idea is to install a garden path. A garden path provides a route through your garden that will save your grass from being trampled too often and offers some visual variety in your outside space. You can also use a path to neatly separate your garden into sections, such as the seating area, the lawn and flowerbeds.

3. Add decorative borders

It’s a good idea to mix up the materials you use in your garden, and a decorative border is an easy and relatively low-cost addition to an outdoor space. There is a great range of materials to choose from, such as decorative stones and aggregates. Try adding decorative borders to flowerbeds, your patio, around garden features, or even around the house itself.

4. Add some flowerbeds

Spring is the perfect time to set up some new flowerbeds because they will have the ideal conditions to grow, providing your garden with a great pop of colour. As well as flowers and plants, you could also consider planting vegetables or herbs to grow some of your own food! You can either dig some flowerbeds into the garden or use railway sleepers to create some raised planters.

5. Get practical storage like a shed

If you have a green thumb and all the tools to prove it, or you just need a new place for the lawnmower, then you should use the springtime to install a new shed. A shed provides a neat solution for all your storage needs, while also providing some visual variety. You don’t have to just store garden tools in a shed either, it can even double up as a workshop if you are a DIY enthusiast!

6. Increase privacy with a fence around the border

Your garden should be a place where you can go to relax and being overlooked by your neighbours can quickly spoil the effect. Spring is a great time to install a new fence around the border of your garden so that you can enjoy a little more privacy in the nice weather. Even if you already have a fence, upgrading to a better one or at least giving your existing fence a fresh lick of paint can rejuvenate your outdoor space.

7. Install outdoor lighting

As well as spending sunny days in the garden, you will want to be able to spend the evenings outdoors too as the weather warms up. A great idea to facilitate this is to install some outdoor lighting. You could do this along your fencing, above your patio or seating area, or get some solar-powered lights that can be placed in the ground to light up walkways and garden features.

Those are just a few of our favourite spring ideas for your garden, but as the weather improves and the days get longer, the time is perfect for a huge range of outdoor improvements! If you need any supplies, materials or hardware for your DIY work, then come down to our Crediton yard and you’re sure to find what you need!


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