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A Guide to Garden Renovation on a Budget

Refreshing your outdoor space can be costly, which is why we’ve put together some tips for garden renovation on a budget that will make your garden look brand new without having to break the bank.

Make use of sleepers

Our first budget garden renovation tip is to make use of wooden sleepers to create garden features. Sleepers are very versatile and can be made to create steps, decking, raised planters, or even simple furniture if you have some DIY skills. Sleepers look great and will often be cheaper than the ready-made equivalent features.

Use leftover bricks to create garden features

One of the tricks of budget garden renovation is to make use of materials you already have. Leftover bricks are a brilliantly versatile material that can be used for a range of garden projects, such as a path or a water feature. For more inspiration, you can read our previous blog on how to use leftover bricks.

Use a trellis to create a living wall

Another way to make your garden look impressive without spending too much is by playing with levels. You can use a trellis to support some climbing plants and create a living wall, which provides some visual variety. Trellises don’t take up any ground space, so they can also be used to enhance small gardens where space is limited.

Give the fence and shed new life with a fresh lick of paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to renovate your home and the garden is no different. If you have a garden shed or a fence around the border, then painting it can be transformative. If you prefer natural wood colours, then a wood stain will be just as effective - just be sure that whatever paint or stain you use is suitable for outdoor use and weather-resistant.

Consider using gravel or aggregates

If you want to make a patio area or path in your garden on a budget, then you may want to consider alternate materials to natural stone. While natural stone is the ideal patio material, it does come at a slightly higher price than some other options.

Rather than trying to imitate natural stone, however, you can go in another direction by using gravel or aggregates. They can make a handsome path or patio at a fraction of the price, while also providing that satisfying underfoot crunch.

Add some lights

Adding lights is a great way to renovate your garden on a budget while allowing you to extend the time you can spend outdoors. There are plenty of different affordable lighting choices for gardens, such as solar-powered spot lights that can line the borders of your garden, or outdoor string lights that can be hung along a fence.

Clean your patio

There’s no cheaper way to renovate your garden than by simply keeping it tidy and giving your patio, decking, path or any other paved area a good clean. Depending on what state your patio is in, you may need to use a jet wash to clean it properly. However, make sure to check that the patio material is suitable for jet washing or you will risk damaging it.

Stay on top of weeds and mow regularly

Like cleaning, garden maintenance is cheap and easy - the ideal way to complete your budget garden renovation. Start by taking care of any weeds with an appropriate weedkiller, then trim any hedges or shrubbery that is getting too wild. Finally, make sure you regularly mow the grass to keep everything looking great year-round.

Hopefully, you can now see that garden renovation doesn’t have to be expensive, and just a few thoughtful changes can make a world of difference. If you’re ready to make some changes to your garden on a budget, you can read more about our landscaping products, or come and visit us at our Crediton yard!


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