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What are the Best Decorative Stones for a Garden?

Decorative stones and aggregates are perfect for adding some variety to your garden. You may want to use stones to create a plant border, a rockery, to decorate a pond or water feature or even to use as mulch and curb weed growth.

There are a few different options out there, so we’ve put together a list of the best decorative stones for garden use, and how they can be used or styled to make a beautiful outdoor space.

Cobbles and Pebbles

The versatility of cobbles and pebbles make them some o f the best decorative stones for garden use. Cobbles and pebbles are easy to lay because they don’t require any planting. They are round and smooth and available in a great range of colours, meaning you can make use of them almost anywhere, such as for covering flowerbeds, creating a plant border, or creating contrast within a rockery. Due to their larger size, they can also be used as decoration within ponds as they won’t be eaten by the fish.

Slate Chippings

With its trademark blue grey aesthetic, slate is a fantastic natural material that looks great both in and outside the house. Slate is brilliant for use in your garden as it comes in a range of sizes and can be used in many applications. If you have a problem with weeds, then slate is good because it acts as a kind of mulch, hampering weed growth but still allowing water drainage.

Slate is also not as susceptible to algae growth as other materials which makes it a good choice for wet areas or even as part of a water feature or pond; it even takes on a deeper colour when wet.


Granite makes an incredibly hardwearing and durable type of decorative stone that is better for paths and driveways than other types of aggregate as the stones are larger and irregularly shaped, meaning they are less likely to shift underfoot, and they are also better suited to support heavy loads.

Granite also requires very little maintenance and still keeps in good condition throughout its lifespan. Granite has a wonderful natural aesthetic and takes on a shimmering appearance when wet.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is one of the best decorative stones for your garden if you are using it as a mulch in flowerbeds because it allows plenty of drainage and it can also protect your plants against frost. This smaller-sized type of gravel is ideal for decorative purposes, either on flowerbeds, for paths, borders or as plant pot toppers.

However, pea gravel is not as good for paths or driveways as the stones are too small and they move too much under foot or under the wheels of a car. In these applications, a larger type of stone is needed.

Builder’s sand

Builder’s sand has a great range of applications in construction and landscaping, but one of the best ways you can use it is to improve the pointing of your patio or any areas where you have paving slabs. Builder’s sand is available in different colours and using it to repoint a patio can make the whole thing feel brand new without having to replace the stones.

Coarse builder’s sand can also be used in gardening to improve the drainage and air circulation of the soil when mixed with it and also for loosening heavy soil. Just be sure to use coarse builder’s sand, as very fine sand such as play sand can effectively turn the soil into cement.

Decorative stones are a great addition to a garden or driveway if you pick the right material for the job. Some stones are best used for purely decorative purposes, while others can be both decorative and a practical choice for paths and driveways.

If you need any further help choosing the best decorative stones or aggregates for your garden, feel free to give us a call or visit us at our Crediton yard and we’ll be happy to help!


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