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Simple Garden Ideas Using Slate Chippings

Slate chippings are a versatile aggregate that can be used for a variety of different garden designs and ideas. It has a distinctive reflective appearance that lightens up dull areas in your garden. Its durability also makes it the perfect choice for keeping gardens maintained despite foot traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Because slate chippings are a recycled material, they are also an environmentally-friendly landscaping option and much simpler to lay than tarmac or concrete. Are you persuaded by the many benefits of this material? Here are three garden ideas using slate chippings that will be perfect for any landscaping project.

Garden border

Busy lifestyles mean that most people have less time to look after their garden. This means that low-maintenance garden designs are becoming increasingly popular among those who don’t have the time for regular gardening and garden maintenance.

Creating a garden border with slate chippings is a simple way to maintain your garden. The type, size and colour of the slate chippings is down to personal taste, and the style of your garden, but using angular-shaped slate chippings will help to create a flat affect. You can create varying levels by adding ornaments or different size stones afterwards.

Top dressing

Slate chippings can also be used as a top dressing in planting schemes to create an aesthetically-pleasing effect. Not only do slate chippings make a garden easier to maintain, but they can also act as a prevention against weeds. As slate doesn’t hold water, it’s difficult for weeds to grow.

It’s probably best to use a membrane underneath the slate chippings so that weeds definitely can’t grow up from the soil underneath. Slate chippings are also perfect for those who don’t like mowing the lawn!

Driveways and pathways

Slate chippings can also be used to create attractive driveways or pathways for your home – beautiful outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed with little maintenance.

If you lay slate chippings down, your driveway won’t hold water and will only need to be raked every so often. However, it’s important to be aware that slate chippings can move around easily when driven or walked upon.

Pathways are also a good option if you’re looking to use slate chippings in your garden designs. Using different coloured slate to create an even, stunning pathway can really improve your garden space.

We hope you have found these garden design ideas using slate chippings useful!

Interested in using slate chippings for your garden? Check out A&S Paving’s product range or get in touch with us to let us know what you need.


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