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How to Build a Wooden Shed

A wooden shed is a great addition to any garden and a perfect storage solution for garden tools or anything else you don’t need to store inside the house. Some people have even turned their sheds into garden home offices since working from home became the new normal!

If you want to know how to build a wooden shed, we’ve put together some steps to do just that and a few key points that you need to know before you begin.

Check whether you need planning permission

Before you begin buying materials for your shed, check whether the building regulations in your area require you to apply for planning permission first.

Use high-quality timber

The next step in our shed-making guide is to consider your choice of materials. If you are looking to build a shed from scratch - that is, without any pre-built walls or panels - then you need to make sure you buy high-quality timber that is structurally sound, able to bear potentially heavy loads and will stand up to all kinds of weather once an appropriate weatherproofing finish has been applied.

Creating the base

Before you can start constructing your shed, you need to ensure you have a solid, level base to support it. Start by measuring out the space for your shed and then levelling off the ground by digging/raking the material and using a spirit level to check it is even.

If you want a concrete slab base for your shed, you will need to put down a layer of hardcore, sand and cement, and then place your slabs on top before you begin to place any timber. This is a good idea to stop water from the ground causing damage to your shed, but you can create a base without concrete by using decking piers as the base for your support beams. Whichever method you choose, check that your base is level before you move on.

*If you are using a slab base, leave 24 hours for the cement to set after you have laid the slabs before continuing.

Creating the shed floor

Next, lay timber support beams across your deck piers or slabs in a rectangular frame, and attach them together with screws. If you are using deck piers, use screws and metal straps to attach them to the frame.

Attach timber rim joists to the outermost support beams along the edges and then add cross supports perpendicular to these all the way across, evenly spaced.

To finish the floor of the shed, nail wooden boards such as plywood or OSB to the joists, ensuring the edges of each board are supported and the entire floor is covered.

Creating the shed walls

If you have purchased a shed, the process becomes much easier from here. The walls have already been

created in the form of panels, which you then simply need to assemble as per the instructions.

If you are making your shed from scratch, then you need to first create timber frames for your walls, with wooden batons at even intervals. Remember to leave space between the batons on the front wall for a door.

These frames can then be nailed to the plywood floor to secure them and also screwed into timber corner posts for added support. Once the frames of your walls are erected, you can then screw or nail the siding or cladding of your choice to complete the walls.

Creating the shed roof

To create your shed roof, you will need to create rafters at your desired pitch, using timber batons and supports screwed to the frame of your walls. These rafters should be spaced evenly and should overlap the walls slightly so that rainwater can run off without dripping down the walls. Next, lay wooden sheeting such as plywood or OSB over the rafters to complete the roof structure and nail down rolls of roofing felt on top to finish.

Add the door

You can create the door to your shed in the same way that you created the walls - using a timber frame cut to the correct dimensions and then finished with the same cladding. Attach the door using the hinges of your choice, as well as a handle and a latch to which you can attach a padlock for added security.

Finishing touches

The final step in building a wooden shed is to ensure it is waterproof by adding coats of exterior wood paint or wood stain that has weatherproofing properties.

And that is how you build a wooden shed from scratch! Making a shed can be an incredibly rewarding experience, so if you want to have a go at creating your own shed, then start by visiting our Crediton yard and taking a look at our wide range of quality timber products.


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