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5 Advantages of Natural Stone

It is Timeless

Natural Stone is a timeless fixture to add to any home- it is elegant and inoffensive with widespread appeal. It adds value to the property due to its popularity and versatility, with it being complementary to pretty much all interiors, gardens and decors.

Natural stone is not a passing fad or trend, so it is a good investment and long term fitting. It is no wonder that natural stone has been used so frequently for so long, as it looks classy and polished in all settings. Hence why it is appealing to use in any room of the house, as well as the garden.

Natural stone also opens up rooms, particularly when paired with large glass doors or windows, making the most of your space and lighting.

It is Unique

With people increasingly going for the bespoke and personalised, natural stone is an unlikely box-ticker. Each slab is completely unique, due to its natural characteristics. Natural stone has endless varieties of colour and vein patterns, proving to be a dynamic and attractive flooring for both inside and outside your home.

It is Durable

One of the many advantages of stone flooring is that stone lasts forever, for example it does not require the refinishing or replacing that the variants of wooden floors do. Natural stone also ages better than materials such as linoleum, as it is not so easily marked or worn down, therefore if you run a busy household then natural stone is the best option for an easily maintainable flooring.

Natural stone is also easy to clean and stain resistant, again for houses with pets and children this may be the best option for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. All that is needed is a mop and bucket to keep natural stone flooring as good as new.

It is Cost-Effective

Natural stone is one of the slightly more expensive options per m2 compared with materials like porcelain tiles and solid wood, but when you take into account natural stone’s durability it is a long term investment that should make your money back due to its low maintenance upkeep.

In the case of flooring, price is directly reflective of the quality of the material and it’s finish. For a quote please contact 01363 775017, or drop into our Crediton store to speak to one of our helpful team members.

It is Adaptable

You can adapt it to best complement the temperature of your surroundings, as it stays cool in warm weather so is ideal for outside spaces and areas with a hotter climate. However, it is also the best flooring to lay underfloor heating beneath as it is an excellent conductor of heat.


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