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How to Stop Weeds From Growing Between Pavers

Those pesky weeds just love to spring up between your beautifully laid pavers. Ever wondered why they seem to pop up so relentlessly? Let’s take a look at why this happens and how you can stop it.

Perennial Weeds: What You Need to Know

There are many weed-killing products in the market that promise a weed-free garden. But while they might kill the existing weeds, they often fall short when it comes to perennial weeds.

Perennial weeds are the real troublemakers. They grow back year after year, making them particularly challenging to eradicate. Their roots go deep, and they can often resist common weed killers.

Importance of Proper Paver Installation

Before you start waging a war on weeds, have you considered your first line of defence? The way your pavers are installed plays a pivotal role in determining if you'll be pulling weeds out every other week.

Laid correctly, pavers can act as a significant deterrent to weed growth, but common installation mistakes such as incorrect spacing, inconsistent depth, or inadequate materials can all be open invitations for weeds.

If you think your paving may have been laid incorrectly, it is worth considering having it re-laid, as this will not only help to prevent weed growth but ensure the longevity of your paved area.

The Role of Sand Bed Foundation

If you've been ignoring the foundation beneath your pavers, it's time to pay attention. A tightly packed sand bed foundation ensures that weeds don't find those little spaces to sprout.

To lay a sand bed foundation properly, ensure it's even, tightly packed, and extends a bit beyond the area of your pavers for maximum effectiveness.

Polymeric Sand: The Ultimate Barrier

Polymeric sand is a type of jointing sand infused with polymers, which, when wet, binds the sand particles together. When applied between pavers, it forms a solid, almost cement-like barrier, preventing weed growth.

To apply polymeric sand, clean the paver surfaces, sweep the sand into the joints, and wet the area to activate the binding agent.

Additional Tips to Prevent Weeds

Seal your pavers - this not only makes them look glossy and new but also reduces the space where weeds might grow. Certain types of paving materials will need to be sealed anyway in order to be completely waterproof.

Regular maintenance - A quick sweep or wash can prevent the buildup of dirt where weeds can sprout. If you notice bare areas between your paving slabs, you can “patch repair” these using polymeric sand to fill the gaps.

While a weed-free space might seem like a dream, with the right installation techniques and maintenance, it's entirely achievable. Remember, the key lies not just in killing existing weeds but in preventing new ones from growing. So, next time you lay pavers or spot weeds creeping up, you know exactly what to do!


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